So I got my press passes nice and early and was ready to hit the Clothes Show, (Earls Court, London) on behalf of
I called up Esma, we picked up our 'all access' press passes and we were on our way to Earls Court to see what was hot and what was not!
I thought I'd rock a crisp white dress, with jewellery to match and a fabulous quilted Chanel bag with some classic leopard print heels to add an edge! And sexy Esma did a bit of mixing and matching to create her own look. Esma rocked some cute loose-fitting denim shorts with a white vest and baggy off the shoulder blue slash cropped top. She matched this with knee high blue & white sports socks, a pair of gorgeous ankle lace-up shoes and an oversized bag!
There was a lot to capture on the day! So here are a few "awards" I'd like to hand out to the people that we caught up with at the show, both on AND off stage!
This jacket HAD to be the absolute BEST item that I came across on the day! BY FAR! Im still in awe of it!
It was very a very well made leather fishtail jacket with these FABULOUS gold metal winged shoulders and sharp edges! It was very very heavy in weight but would look amazing in a music video or photoshoot on the likes of someone like Rihanna or Lady Gaga!
I WANTED IT SO BAD - in a moment of madness I began to conjure up thoughts of how to achieve purchasing this £2000 jacket on the day....I then fell back to earth!
Modelled by Esma, this fabulous jacket gets full marks... 10/10!

I saw this beauty a mile away! I caught a glimpse of  her while I was having a consultation at the Sleek stand and had to get a picture (thanks Esma my trusty photographer on the day)! This beauty is a designer herself and I just love her hair and they way that she styled her locks, the earring were a design of her own and the outfit suited her to a tee! 10/10 for originality - I LOVE the ethnic feel and the fashionable touch with these trendy sandles.

Another female in a league of her own I LOVED the detail on this dress, although you cannot see it as well in the picture, it was a dress with a story and a lot of personality! The kind of dress that not everyone can rock well. This dress looked great paired with the black criss cross open toed wedge sandles and she went for a 'mis match' brown leather saddle bag to complete the look.
Her fringed bob was also a good look for her - she knew what she was doing. 8/10

I caught up with this model once she left the runway and she sported a simple black dress with an oversized smart jacket. She wore flat black pumps (and remained the tallest in eye shot) and an oversized bag on her arm - She oozed 'MODEL'! Simple but effective, sometimes less is more 7/10

This dress was magical! Me and Esma plotted for a few seconds on how we could kidnap the dress without harming the model... forgive us, it was a hot day! In the end we just settled for a picture. The dress was VERY well made and the cut and detail was sooo lush! So the dress itself got 10/10

This dress also caught my eye! The girl wearing it was very bubbly and smiley and she had a fire and individuality that went well with the dress. I found her natural box afro to be realy cute and I loved the two colours red and black and the ruffled sleeve to add a touch of class. This dress looked great on her very petite figure and got a thumbs up and a snap from me! 7/10

I actually bumped into this girl on my way to the show and thought that her style was great! So I thought I'd add her to the blog...what do you think??? Where do you think she gets her influence from? 
Love the dress, love the hair, love the lips, LOVE the glasses and LOVE the bag....LUVZ IT!!!!

This girls out fit was AMAZING! I wanted it! These gorgeous white military style boots are on the top of most girls shopping lists at the moment and they looked GREAT with this outfit. The patterned skinny jeans were both sexy and stylish and showed off her great figure. These paired with a sheer white shirt and a white denim crop jacket made the perfect outfit. And then just to make her even cooler than she already was they threw in the shades! This model was by far the best on stage in this segment of the show as she had a great presence, a lot of confidence and was rocking the best outfit! (I think she knew this)!

So, overall it was a great day out! We enjoyed ourselves and were knackered when we left. I definitely advise checking it out next year if you want to shop till you drop, chec out whats hot for the summer, watch the runway shows, get great advice and tips on beauty and fashion and how to wear it and get you hair and make-up done for free while learning how best to apply and what goes with your look, tone, shape, height and size!
Signing out with my feet still hurting from walking around in heels all day! (Bring some flats next year) Crystal Celebrity xxxx