New update..... I'M MARRIED!!!!!.... (NOT)!

....Welll kinda.... lol! Ok so the truth is... I was booked last month for a main part as a model / actress in the new TV Commercial for 'First Bank'! 
I was chosen as the main female for the advert to play the role of...... wait for it..... A BRIDE!! Hehe and the advert is centred around mine and my grooms wedding! (pictures below)!

So who was my groom for the day you ask? and how did it go? Well.......
Luti Media and First Bank picked this female singer and model (me of course):

... to stand alongside this male model / stripper (Tyson Brown):


To create this simple and traditional bride-and-groom-4-a-day! 
(Wow they watered us down right - I meann geeeeeeeeee is that actually me haha so plain and simple aww and Tyson has clothes on ladies sorry! :D)!!!  

Hehehehe! GOT YA!!!
We were casted by Luti Media and the shoot for the advert took place in a really nice wedding reception venue called 'Abbey Manor' based in Hanger Lane (at a cry worthy call time of 7am)! 
I had to wake up and get there to meet my groom for the day and my new family-for-a-day casted by Talent Talks and it really was a great shoot! Even the guy from Britains Got Talent who pops his eyes out was there as my uncle-for-the-day LMFAO! - so much fun honestly!

SO ladies there you have it - Tyson Brown is still available and I'm well and truely single as always lol - ain't nothing changed there (wahh wahhhh)!!! LOL!

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Mwah mwah!
Leave comments below - did I have you fooled? LOL!

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