NEW Music Video from Crystal King with International Artists Jay Lyriq & Don Dinero - "You Should Be With Me"!

Hey guys and dolls!

I know that it has been a hot minute since I posted on my blog or gave you any new music!!
I have been away from the scene a little, doing business, some travelling here and there and overall discovering more about Crystal!!! I am happy to say that I am BACK! And music is the focus, music is the motive and music is the path! So lets gooo!

My first piece of love I will give you (music is my love) is in the form of an international single, a collaboration with two artists that I have recently worked with Jay Lyriq and Don Dinero. We recently all flew down to Miami after having recorded the track at various studios across the globe and all met up for one mind blowing shoot on Miami Beach!!! Any excuse for a holiday in Miami! It was a great trip!
The project is masterminded and produced by 21 (Piotr Turek) based in Poland and the single is called "You Should Be With Me" - telling the story of a bit of a love triangle with verses by Jay Lyriq, Don Dinero and of course myself Crystal King, all telling our version of the story! So who should be with who? You decide!

Video coming soon... here's some behind the scenes images I got snapped in while shooting in Miami bitchh!

You Should Be With Me -OUT NOW!!!
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