Hey Guys and Dolls!!!
If you are one of my fellow Naija friends you will already have been informed - but for the rest of you still out of the loop I am posting this for you! A few weeks ago I was very happy to find that I had been cast and then later chosen as the lead girl for a fresh new music video for Nigerian Afro-beats artist Iyanya.

This is the hot new video to accompany his greatly anticipated new single "Le Kwa Ukwu"! WHAT A TUNE!!!  I seriously still cannot get it out of my head...."Like the way you roll.... mek me lose control...."!  I was already hooked on the preceding popular single "Kukere" - so this came as a nice booking for me and one I knew I would enjoy! 

A lot of fun was had on this shoot and the energy and vibes from EVERYONE involved - both cast AND crew made my week lol! Everyone on set was just incredible - laughing, joking, acting up, dancing...  seriously, the only thing that could have made the day better would have been no London rain and a pot of stew and some jellof rice....But hey, no worries - we tank God hehe :p

So ladies!! What can I say about Iyanya???

The perfect gentleman is a good description for him - humble with swagger and really good to see an artist doing so well who has a good personality and hasn't let it all go to his head - nothing but good to report in terms of treatment on set and Iyana in general. We even talked music while shooting in a beautiful vintage car, we gave each other a sample of our vocals and were equally impressed... so watch this space! Oh yes and of course... he knows how to move his hips ladies haha - you will LOVE the dance routines in the final video so when the vid comes out I will make sure I post it ;)
Much love to you all - stay smiling, live life!
Crystal King UK xxx
Check out the behind the scenes video below and enjoy - here it is:

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