Sooooo I was recently booked to open and host Fashion Week Brooklyn! I jumped into my cab to Heathrow airport nice and early (I love me some stress free travel)! I had a turbulence free flight and watched 'The Fault in Our Stars" while on the plane, which was a great movie! I think I shed a lil tear for that one too! Some hours later (with a slightly stiffened neck from the awkward naps) I arrived in John F Kennedy Airport, New York city in one piece!

So New York City, Crystal King has finally returned for a short, sweet visit, a business trip, but one I intend to enjoy thoroughly! As usual sleep was completely out of the question on this trip to the big apple! Right away, with barely a moment to spare to even grab a pretzel, a donut or a pizza slice (none of which I can actually eat, due to my unfortunate wheat intolerance), I dropped my bags off and was immediately out and about and enroute to a quirky little spot called 'Otto's Shrunken Head; Tiki Bar and Lounge', not far from Union Square in Manhattan.

At Otto's, I was there as a specially invited International Guest for a fantastic Online TV show called "Rew and The Who"; a unique platform allowing artists and musicians of all genres from across the globe, to be interviewed and to showcase their talents live via the show. Hosted by the one and only, very quirky 'Rew Starr'! Rew had invited me down for a nice, cosy chat live on the show about what I would be doing for Brooklyn Fashion week and what I have still to come in the near future.

The show was great, there was a live audience watching as I sat with Rew for my segment of the show, we talked, we laughed, I sang and Rew dug deep to see if she could find any skeletons in my closet!  It was a great laugh! 

Day two and my show day is here! 
I arrive for hair and makeup and I absolutely LOVE it all from the start! Surrounded by models and creative stylists and designers - I am in my element!! Once all is done I secure my look with my "crown" which today is a beautiful wide brim hat... I am CRYSTAL KING after all... Every King needs their crown! 

I open Brooklyn Fashion Week singing and performing a great set list of songs with the live New York show band 'Black and Tan', who will accompany me for the evening! We performed a great opening set including a mixture of my own songs, those by Black and Tan and also some special well known numbers thrown in for the audience like my own versions of Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me'! The audience loved it and so did we! Great show! 

Hair Supplied by: Luxury Hair Extensions UK 

The Founder of Brooklyn Fashion Week Rick Davy congratulates me on my performance before he proceeds to ask me if I would like to be the OFFICIAL HOST for the next Brooklyn Fashion Week show, taking place the following day the!!!! Woweee, yes please (that was pretty much my reply)! 

New York, New York - Day Three
Hosting Brooklyn Fashion Week Day 2

"Hello and Welcome to Brooklyn Fashion Week 2014"... I hear my British accent with a hint of cockney ringing out across the venue, as the guests look around to see who this London girl is speaking on the mic! Im over here I coo.... And the show proceed! I must say being the host of the show was SO MUCH FUN! I definitely got a taste for it across the day, keeping the audience entertained with tasters of vocals across the show, introducing the fabulous designers and their amazing models and being the perfect host. I see more presenting in my future!!

Here's more images showing how it all went!

Thank you so much to all involved in making this happen! Special thanks to Soledad Haren of Build a Better Planet and to Rick Davy for the belief in my skills and potential to carry this off and to Lorena Oliveros for accompanying me and for the fun times we had on this trip!