CRYSTAL KING UK – “YOU DESERVE” (A Tribute to Dominica)


"'You Deserve’ …triumphantly serves as an inspirational catalyst of collective hope, unyielding strength and patriotic unity throughout the Caribbean nation…”
- In-Spire LS Magazine.

On Easter Sunday 2016 East London singer/songwriter Crystal King UK released the new music video for her heartfelt and self-penned song "You Deserve" a dedication to her country of origin Dominica, after the Caribbean island was hit by Tropical Storm Erika of August 2015.


Within the piece, King characterises Dominica as a young child in need of love and repair with lyrics like: "...You Deserve more than you know... pretty girl so beautiful... I will give all that I can, to preserve all the beauty you hold within your hands..." with catchy hook "one step if you feel the love, two steps into the sun..."

Dean Paretta of 'Music Matters' wrote of the piece: "You Deserve’ undeniably exhibits King’s most poignant and mature declaration as a songwriter, whilst seemingly underscoring an elegantly trademark vocal performance devoid of grandstanding”

Crystal King UK filmed a music video for “You Deserve” on January 9 in London, shot by female Producer Samantha Soso of Supastarz TV. The video features a cameo from X-Factor favourite Robert Allen aka Shylo Soulstar and the voices and faces of local children whom also accompanied King in the studio to sing parts of the chorus of “You Deserve”. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

Proceeds from digital sales of the original version of "You Deserve" (due for official release via i-Tunes in April 2016 - will go to registered charity 'Dominica National Development and Disaster Fund' (DNDDF) -

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