Hi Superstars!

Recently I attended and did my "female entrepreneur thang" at the first ever "Skilled Women" event, which is set to be the first one of many. The event took place at Sarah Bonell Secondary School in Stratford.

I felt extremely honoured to have been asked to speak to the young women attending this extraordinary event, as I was contacted by Skilled Women off the back of being viewed as a "role model" for young women and a successful female business owner! I was also booked to sit with the young women attending and do one-on-one mentoring sessions with them about their aspirations, goals and dreams and to discuss with them a way forward to combat these as aspiring entrepreneurs! 
As if this wasn't going to be rewarding enough I was also asked if I would be the main presenter for the whole event! I of course took the role on with a smile and a spring in my step and had a GREAT day with everyone who attended! I left feeling even more inspired...(And they gave me beautiful sunflowers to take home...yey)! :)

The room was filled with the most amazing females, from school girls in their final years to established women in business! We all had something in common, the drive to succeed and the readiness to keep pushing boundaries and become better and better within our chosen fields, as powerful women in business!
Another speaker on the day was Mavis Amankua of Rich Visions, who as usual was a complete inspiration and role model, showing that perseverance, dedication and belief in ones-self DO lead to success!

The pupils from Sarah Bonnell school who attended the event were a real breath of fresh air! Vibrant, loud, enthusiastic, ambitious and excited! I loved every minute and they all reminded me of ME! There were many women owned businesses showcasing their products and services within the building and the girls from Sarah Bonnell school also had their own display area. 
They were all very talented and had made their own lines of products, each product made from denim, from handbags to denim tin can covers, their moto being "Denim today, who knows what tomorrow"! Indeed! The things that are popular are forever changing from day to day and they definitely have their eye on the ball, a lot of creative ideas flowing from these young ladies!
When I sat to have the one-on-one sessions with these ladies I came to find that they were all very determined to succeed and in so many different areas! From wanting to be on the next "Junior Apprentice" to wanting to be the most famous asian female actress to ever walk the earth, I heard it all today and LOVED that they all had strong visions and were aiming BIG! It all starts with a vision...

Overall the event was an amazing success and at the end they gave me flowers to take home which was lovely ! Its hard being a woman in business, you often have to break barriers and jump up and down to make yourself known! One things that rarely happens is someone giving you a pat on the back and saying "well done", but I can honestly say that being recognised and asked to do the Skilled Women event was like having  that pat on the back and someone saying "WE SEE YOU"! 

So thanks to Angela Brivett and her wonderful team, until the next Skilled Women event!

Keep inspiring and being inspired by one another -
Crystal Celebrity xxx