Hey everyone!

So I won another Award!! Yey!!!!! I am actually so happy to be blogging about this one and to be the PROUD owner of an award which has such amazing honour in it's title the: "Women's Business of the Year" Award!

This award ceremony was run by the Women's Business Centre, a business hub for female entrepreneurs and women in business and the awards were sponsored by OFSTED, the Learning Revolutions Trust and CIPS and held at Newham College of Further Education.

I am sooooooooo happy that again people have taken the time to notice what I am doing and to commend me for the work that I do and to give me such a great gift of recognition. I have said many times in the past that being a business owner and entrepreneur can sometimes be a tough and lonely journey! During your journey there is not always going to be someone there to give you a pat on the back and say "well done" and you often have to congratulate yourself!! So awards are an amazing way to feel appreciated and recognised and I truely appreciate the blessing of this award.

Thanks to everyone for your continuous support and kind words and encouragement and even more to those who regularly tell me I have inspired them in some way - this is one of my dreams and I hope I can continue to grow and inspired and learn and teach!

Much love

"Greatness is within us all, to nurture it and give it life is a personal choice we all have to make" - Crystal King xx

For more information on The Women's Business Centre, a huge recommendation from me!